Tiffanie Young is a storyboard artist and illustrator who has created shooting and treatment boards for commercials, digital ads, and short films across an array of genres. After initially working as a commercial and film coordinator, she decided to merge her production experience with her love for drawing. She has also provided character and concept designs for animated and live action projects.

Tiffanie believes in expressing more with fewer lines. She loves to collaborate on telling stories, whether it’s developing a director’s particular vision or brainstorming new ideas to convey emotion. In her spare time she likes to draw comics and animals (real or imagined). She has also brought her art to magazine illustrations, portraits, and streetwear design.

Past clients include Toyota, Adidas, Google, Panera, Benadryl, and the ACLU.

If you have a project, commission, or freelance rate inquiry, feel free to email!